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About Us




Jessica Brown BSc, MBA, RMT, Confidence Coach

Founder of ZenPause and ZenPawz

Creator and Organizer of the West-Island Holistic Wellness Meetup Community Group











Jessica is a holistic guide, confidence coach Reiki Master Teacher, and speaker. She helps people find the Healer Within and Restore their Confidence so they can stop putting their lives on hold and start living a life of passion and joy Now! Her unique approach combines Science, Holistic Wellness and Spirituality. She approaches her work with compassion and has the intention to help all being achieve balance for the Body, Mind and Soul. 


 She is active in her community as a volunteer by offering Holistic therapy sessions to people, pets and other animals.



Jessica has a science background with a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences, is a Certified Confidence Coach, and is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Animal Reiki, and Level II SPH-RE practitioner (Sacred Peace Healing Energy).

Her educational background allows her to bring science and esoteric worlds together. In addition, she has a Level II Animal Quantum Touch Certificate and continues to study Shamanism, Confidence, Motivation, Personal Development, and Meditation.  



She is the creator and organizer of the Community Group:

West Island Holistic Wellness


The aim of this community group is to help and guide West Islanders (and off Islanders in the surrounding areas) to holistic events. These workshops and events from different teachers and healers, will be a chance for us to get together in a safe and respectful community of like minded people to learn and share information and experiences related to holistic healing and spirituality.