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Benefits of Energy Healing for Animals

Animals respond to Reiki and other forms of Energy Healing Therapies very easily. Since animals are more in tune with the energy fields, they respond better to Reiki than humans do. Reiki offers a gentle and safe holistic treatment that is a wonderful complement to any traditional Veterinary care practice. During a session, the animal usually becomes very relaxed and may fall asleep. Reiki can reduce stress, help alleviate pain and may help accelerate healing from surgery or wounds. It can also help an animal adapt to new situations, people and new pets.





Jessica Brown BSc MBA RMTJessica with Reiki client MasterJessica with Reiki client Master

Jessica has had a lifelong passion for helping animals and has always  felt very connected to them. She has several years of experience working with animals in Veterinary clinics and volunteering with various rescue organizations for pets, wildlife and farm animals. For many years, she had a dog walking and pet sitting business. Once she received her Certification in Animal Reiki, Jessica  began to volunteer with animals providing Reiki, SPHE-RE and Quantum Touch to help provide a sense of calm and healing to the animals. Scroll to bottom of page to see some of her clients.





         "It is a joy, gift and privilege to be able to do energy work on an animal and create a connection with them. It is a humbling experience as they put their trust in our hands. A true healer learns to listen with their heart, as the animals have so much to teach us."     -Jessica Brown










 Animal Reiki Practitioner

Certification Course 

Next class:

Spring 2018



Pre-Requisite: Level 1 Reiki (from any style or teacher) 


Includes Review of Reiki, Practice time on different animal species, and Certificate

  • Chakras on different animal species
  • Master Chakra on animals
  • How to meditate with your pet to deepen your connection
  • How to do Reiki on pets, rescue animals, farm animals and wildlife
  • Ethics of animal Reiki
  • How animals respond to Reiki and Energy
  • Safety of animals and yourself during a treatment
  • Learn animal's body language to guide you during the session
  • Develop your intuition to connect to the animal during a session

The cost for Animal Reiki Practitioner Certification is $ 150.00

50% of profits will be donated to Barn Buddies farm sanctuary where the class is held.



 Furry (& Feathered) Friends aka Clients